Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to choose and apply Foundation Primer with Make-up artist Justin Tyme

Finding the right foundation primer can be a ticket task. Not all primers are great for all skins. The first step is always to know your skin type. Second, know the purpose that you're using the primer for. Third, know that's in your primer. In this video I talk about choosing a primer and how to best apply different types.

How to apply a daily skincare regiment by Justin Tyme

Knowing how to apply your skincare is important. No matter how many products you use, there is an order to follow and a correct method to apply each product. I always recommend trying the brand's method before attempting to utilize your own. In this video I show you how I apply my skincare. My method has been developed over fourteen years of attending skincare education classes and I have now it delivers MAX results in about 5 minutes.

What's my skin type? Diagnosing your skin type with Justin Tyme

Knowing your skin type is important for a variety of reasons. It allows you to choose the correct products to use and to properly take care of your skin. View this video to learn a quick and easy method to diagnose your skin type.